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Chat with a Librarian:

Sun: 2030-2200
Mon – Thur: 0900-1100; 1300-1500; 2030-2200
Fri: 0900-1100; 1300-1500


Individual Reference and Research Support:

The USMMA Library offers a variety of individualized reference and research services to all midshipmen, staff, faculty and outside researchers.  These services are available via a number of convenient contact methods, i.e., email, phone, in-person, mail, chat, as a formal appointment or informal walk-in.  

  • One-on-one assistance: Librarians provide help with all aspects of the research process from how to begin all the way to citations in the final product.  No question is too small and no request too large.  The goal is to help every individual tackle difficult to answer research questions and teaching how to be the best researcher. 
  • One-on-one Faculty Collaboration: Librarians are partners to help you with all aspects of your research and teaching.  This extends from the standard lessons about how to access and utilize library resources; to assisting on all aspects of your professional research; to collaborating in varying degrees in finding resources to design a lesson, project, or assignment.

Research Workshops:

Faculty with classes and other groups have the option of a much more formal class or group experience.  The formal class experience includes teaching research, information literacy, and research techniques.  The exact topic and techniques taught are extensively modified to the needs of each class or group.  Research workshops are only available as formal appointments.  For further information and to make an appointment please contact the Reader Services Librarian.  

Research Guides:

A research guide or pathfinder is a small collection of resources collected together focusing on a specific topic or theme.  Librarians specially select, continuously curate, and annotate each research guide so that they may provide a good starting point for conducting research or exploring further information into a topic.  Research guides on general topics are already constructed for use by the community.  Bespoke research guides on almost any topic or theme may be constructed upon request.  Please contact the Reader Services Librarian for further information.


All students, faculty, and staff are eligible to register for a Library account and receive a Library card.  This entitles you to borrow most physical materials from the Library.  There is no upper limit on the amount of physical material that may be borrowed. The standard lending period is 28 days with two, 28-day renewal extensions.

Materials which the Library does not own may still be acquired and lent through a process called Interlibrary Loan. This allows Library users access to a wider array of materials.  Requests for specific Interlibrary Loan items is done via the Request Item Through Interlibrary Loan button located within KP Discovery or by contacting the Reader Services Librarian directly. For further questions or information please contact the Reader Services Librarian.

Library users who do not return or damage materials will have borrowing privileges suspended until the materials are returned or replaced.  Please contact the Reader Services Librarian for further information.

Purchase Recommendations:

The Library collection, both physical and electronic, is a reflection of the needs and input of the entire Academy Community.  The Library welcomes and encourages input from all students, faculty, and staff to let us know potential resources to add to the collection. To discuss further or to recommend materials please contact the Reader Services Librarian.

Course Reserves:

The Library maintains a collection of Course Reserve material behind the Circulation desk.  These materials are denoted by faculty members as being needed to directly support a course and have the potential to see a very high volume of use.  As such, access to the items is highly controlled by Library staff to ensure equitable availability for all midshipmen at all times.  For further information on how to use or place items on Course Reserve please contact the Reader Services Librarian. 

Lost and Found:

Belongings which belong to other patrons found within the Library will be brought to the Lost and Found, located at the Circulation desk.  If Library staff are able to determine the identity of the owner, they will be emailed to alert them to pickup their belongings as soon as possible.  Students’ items left in the Lost and Found will be turned over to the Regiment and all other items will be turned over to Public Safety after a minimum of 4 weeks has past.

The USMMA Library building features a number of amenities for a variety of individual and group work activities.  Please approach the Circulation desk staff or contact the Reader Services Librarian for further information on any of these items.

  • Group Work Areas: The Library contains large, open, group work areas and group study areas.  No reservations are needed. It is first come, first serve for these areas.
  • Individual study and quiet study areas: The Library contains a large variety of individual work areas that encompass differing study and work styles from comfortable chairs, desks, to individual quiet study rooms.
  • Robert E. Crabtree and Seminar Room: The Robert E. Crabtree and Seminar Rooms in the Library are specially managed spaces designated for formal class use, sponsored talks, events, and presentations.  These spaces are only available for use by reserving a time slot with the Library Circulation desk staff.  For further questions and inquiries, please contact the Reader Services Librarian.
  • 3D Print Lab: The 3D Print Lab is the space within the Library housing a number of different 3D printers and the tools, systems, and software to manage various 3D printed projects.  The goal is to enable the USMMA community to design and manufacture a variety of 3D projects.  It is managed jointly by Dr. Garofalo (ME) and the 3D Print Club.
  • Library Workstations: The Library has a number of physical workstations situated throughout the building to let students, faculty, and staff continued access to the relevant learning and research tools.  One workstation has been set aside for use by visitors and outside researchers.
  • Wifi: The entire Library building is Wifi capable with USMMA approved devices.
  • Language Lab: The Language Lab is a special, individual study-room equipped with a Library workstation and the appropriate peripherals to allow for the use of the various language learning programs. The Library subscribes to Mango Languages, on the Library's A-Z Database list ‚Äč.
  • Network Printing: The Library provides remote network printing from your laptops and Library workstations.  Please contact a Library staff member if you require assistance in using this service.
  • Tea and Coffee Service: The Academy provides complementary tea and coffee services during the trimester on Sunday through Thursday evenings.  During finals’ weeks there are also baked treats.
  • Comfortable Open Areas: The Library has a multitude of open tables, chairs, and couches upon which to rest or study.


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